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Employment Fair

Employment Fair is an activity organized by CPDC which aims to enhance the marketability of UMP graduates. This mini Career Fair is more specific in its approach and implementation as CPDC seeks to fulfil requests from the industry of the job vacancies and conduct interviews which would only be open to final year students or UMP alumni. This program enables UMP graduands to have higher possibility of securing jobs through the companies taking part in the Employment Fair.

            This program complies with the requirements and standards set by the industry and is based on the vacancies offered to the students. It is an initiative which has been effective as the level of graduate marketability has increased and students have managed to secure jobs in the companies involved in this initiative. 

            This Employment Fair program came into existence as a result of the implementation of the Post Baccalaureate Certificate (PBC) program which is the career placement program for UMP graduands. Graduands who register for the PBC program will have the opportunity to participate in the Employment Fair during which vacancies will be made known to them. After identifying interested graduands, CPDC will link them with the industry and help them to fulfil the criteria and meet the requirements as required by the industry. The Employment Fair program can either be held at CPDC or at the organizations involved. The choice of interview venue is subject to request by the industry and also its convenience to the graduands and the companies involved.


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