How to process VISA/Passport and document related to LI overseas?

Any dealings related to visa / passport applicants are managed by the student themselves.

Can I change my internship company?

Depends on the reason with faculty’s approval

Can I do my internship earlier?

Yes, provide:

1.Official exam result

2.Faculty’s approval

Does CPDC provide insurance?

Student can get insurance coverage letter (printed) from e-comm after submit SLI. If the company request earlier, then student can get the insurance coverage letter from JHEPA.

I involved in accident during LI term. What should I do?

Contact CPDC then contact JHEPA for claim (if any)

I failed 1 subject. I am final year Non-engineering student. Can I do LI?

No. It is compulsory to pass all subject prior internship for non-engineering student

Instead of receive reply form, I got an offer letter. Can I use this document to verify my LI?

Yes, you can use either one for verification.

Where can I obtain an indemnity letter?

You can make contact to JHEPA to obtain indemnity letter.

What I am supposed to do if i involved with any injuries or accident during internship tenure?

You must make contact to CPDC and JHEPA representatives accordingly for claims etc.

I am a final year non-engineering student and i have failed 1 subject related to my courses. Am i be allowed to undergo industrial training?

No. It is a compulsory to pass all subjects prior internship for non-engineering student.

Instead of receive reply form, I am also got an offer letter. Can I use such documents to verify for internship training?

Yes. You can use either one or both documents for internship verifications.

How long the internship duration in UMP?

The durations of internship are as follows:

  1. Diploma students (approx. 24 weeks period of industrial training, from August to January)
  2. Degree engineering students (approx. 10 weeks period of industrial training, from June to August)
  3. Degree non engineering students (approx. 24 weeks period of industrial training, from September to February)
  4. Dual degree students (approx. 24 weeks period of industrial training, from July to January)
Can the student complete the internship more than the require period?

The student is required to complete their internship within the LI period. However, if the student required for extension it is subject to faculty decision.

Can the student undergo the internship at the company which is not related to the field of study?

Student is advice to consult with the faculty coordinator to choose the related company. Any approval of placement are subject to the faculty coordinator.

What type of the documents that CPDC can provide related to the industrial training?
  1. SAL (Student Application Letter) from e-comm.
  2. Confirmation Letter.
  3. Template of (download from portal CPDC):
  1. Completion Letter.
  2. Reply Form.
  3. Cancellation Letter

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