What is Industrial Training?

The industrial training exposes the students to professional skills and experiences in industrial engineering practices. In preparing the students for the real working environment as engineers, industrial training helps to produce engineering graduates with technical and soft skills competency.

The industrial training is offered in the semester break between the sixth semester and the seventh semester. The students are attached for 10 to 12 weeks of training at various industries in Malaysia. Students earn six credit hours after the completion of industrial training. A grade of Pass or Fail is given after the presentation and submission of the industrial training report. After the completion of the industrial training, undergraduates are expected to:

   1 . Practice actual engineering knowledge and skills at the industry.

   2. Practice and implement soft skills in actual engineering working environment such as project management skill, planning skill, designing skill, presentation skill and writing skill.

   3. Have interpersonal skills and professional ethics.

   4. Have insights into the future professional life of engineers.

   5. The internship has to be completed in an industrial enterprise. The students work in current projects of the company in the development, production or distribution process.
        The projects must deal with manufacturing engineering or related fields.

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