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One Page Resume

In 2014, Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) started the initiative known as “Interactive One-Page Resume (OPR)” to enhance the employability of its graduates and reduce the rate of unemployment in Malaysia.  It has been evident that this program was highly effective in assisting students to secure their first job after completing their studies.

            In addition, OPR has benefited the industries by simplifying the necessary effort in searching for candidates to fill their vacancies. We provide the list of students to the industries from which the best candidates would be chosen by prospective employers to be placed in their respective companies by obtaining the complete resumes from the CPDC bank of resumes. 

            From the perspective of the students, OPR is one of the initiatives which has been created to help students complete their own resumes interactively. Students just need to click the information and can complete their resume within five minutes. By using this type of resume, students can begin preparing their resumes starting from the first year and they can use their resumes to apply for jobs and also internship.