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A Word From The Director

Salam and hi all,

Universiti Malaysia Pahang Career Centre (UMPCC) at Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) is UMP’s dedicated career center under Student Affairs and Alumni Department. We have a team of 6 staff who are here to help you improve your employability by developing the skills and experience needed to stand out in the job market.

Here in Pahang, the Office of UMPCC at UMP is the hub for providing programmes and services that are central to students’ career developments, as well as placements for industrial training. Moreover, we strive to sustain and grow the resource centre for students to learn more about career development skills, to access information about internship and jobs, and to explore job opportunities for career path after their graduation. In addition, UMPCC works closely with our employer partners to build a pipeline of talent for their organisations.

We believe that career development is a journey that every student should partake at an early stage of university life. To ensure student success in career or graduate school, we provide resources for student personal and professional development. Here, we do not only assist students in resume preparation or job interview tips, but also help them shape their career plans. Through profiling and self-assessment tools and consultation services, students are navigated to self-discover their skills, strengths, interests, values and personality. With a unique perspective and skill set, students can position themselves and land a rewarding internship, job opportunities in economics and related fields or an offer for graduate study without difficulties.

I look forward to seeing you at any career development events!



Director, the Office of Universiti Malaysia Pahang Career Centre

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